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Thread: [Release] Zombie Nation Bot [ Version: ] [HTTP] [DDOS]

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    [Release] Zombie Nation Bot [ Version: ] [HTTP] [DDOS]

    I want release a Zombie Nation Bot, i dont have made this tool


    Updates coming soon.

    Pics of panel:

    - Upload to your server
    - Edit inc/config.php
    - Run sql in phpmyadmin
    - Done.

    - Udp Flood
    - Http Flood
    - Condis
    - Slowpost
    - Download-Execute
    - Update
    - Variable, namespace, function obfuscation.
    - String encryption on build, each with random key.

    Udpflood host port time
    Httpflood host port time
    Condis host port time
    Slowpost host port time
    Download url
    Update url

    SQL File:
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    /Added Attachment where??


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