Tried posting this in the free key forum but im not allowed yet so here we go. It's just a basic guide that generally applies to most bots out there. Figured I better get in the running for those free cd key

Guide to Youtube Bots:

Youtube bots (here on called YB) are sites that will direct traffic to your video or website to raise your views and likes. This helps make your download seem more legit. The method most bots use to increase your traffic is by having people visit your site or link and in turn they get someone visit their own sites or links.

How to use the bot:

Using a YB is very easy to do. Most sites follow the same method of use and gain you views in the same manner.
The first step is to sign up for the site the bot is hosted at. This is as simple as signing up for facebook or yotube. You enter your email, password, and verify your email. Within 2 minutes you can be signed up for most sites.
Next you have to sign up your youtube video. In most sites this is as easy as pasting the video?s web address and assigning views to it (we will get to this later.) Some sites will also allow you to choose where the traffic is ?coming? from. Although this is usually a paid feature.
Now, how to get people viewing your video? This will vary a little with each site but the general premise remains. You need views or minutes (currency in bot world) to gain views for your video. The varied part is some sites will give a starting cache of them and some will not. Regardless, eventually you must earn more and doing this can be time consuming.

To gain this currency there is two ways to go about it:

Option A:

You can pay for these minutes and views on most sites. Charges vary from $5-$15 for a designated amount of minutes made by the site. This is the easiest way to gain views as you don?t have to manage the bot as much as I will explain later.
Option B:

This option requires a bit of leg work. Almost all sites will give you minutes for viewing other peoples sites and links. This is how these sites survive. Sites will pay a different amount of views or minutes for each one you participate in. This is a little bit more intensive and thus makes it harder to manage multiple sites


Remember to update your youtube video as well. All of these views you have just gotten will mean nothing if your video looks fake, or if you don?t update the title every day. If your hack says it was undetected two weeks ago, and you haven?t updated it why would someone download your ?hack? when the other video says it still isn?t detected as of today. As well keep a handle on the comments, bad comments should be removed as quickly as possible. Make sure you have good comments on there as well to lend to the credibility of the awesome ?hack? you are providing.

Happy Stealing Guys.