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Thread: many question about dayz hacks :)

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    many question about dayz hacks :)

    hi i would like to know how to use things like hustler and infistars.
    secondly the seems to be hacks (aka scripts) but without injector do im right?
    3rd i would like to know if you guys (admin/superadmins/safekeys) provide an injector for the hack if not , 4rd point , do you sell an injector.
    5rd what is infistars vSSH , a menu , a hack , injector , other things ( if it is another thing plz explain)
    5rd can i put scrips from example hustler folder to infistars folder ?
    6rd how can i inject properly into dayz or in arma2 wasteland ?

    that was my last question .

    so if anybodies know anser post them i will gladly read it

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    1. To use menu's like Rustlers and InfiSTAR you will need a bypass like VA or AJ but they will cost money but I advise you to get VA as it is better and cheaper. To get a bypass you will have to pay money
    2. You will need a injector for hacks but AJ or VA automatically have a injector in them so no need to get a extra one.
    3. Yes is you get VIP we do provide a injector.
    4. Yes its free if you get VIP but you cannot not get VIP and get it from someone else as that is resell and we do not allow that.
    5. InfiSTAR vSSH is InfiSTAR vSafeSkyHacks so it is our version of InfiSTAR that is very good and you get that as well if you get VIP. It is a menu.
    6. Yes you can but it is quite hard and you need to learn how to do a bit of scripting and coding.

    Hope this helps

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    ty that was helpfull alot

    in fact where can i find the injector if i buy the vip ?

    can u tell me how to put a menu in an injector plz cuz im not used to it

    plus i need to know if a bypass its nessessary or i can just use injector to inject hack ??? btw how to use a bypass ???

    ps i hack only for fun not to piss other ppl
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    First I'm not sure about the VIP part so I can't help you there.
    Secondly, you'll need a Injector to inject .DLL Files which is a Bypass which you need so you don't get Detected and Banned, Once you Injected the Bypass you can then use scripts which are the Menu's you were asking about.

    I Might be wrong, but I'm a Amateur Hacker :P

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    There isnt much to know about it. The hard part these days is finding a menu. Bypasser are on sites such as AJ ad VA. Google it.

    Also I love the 2rd 4rd 5rd 5rd

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    Answers given

    Btw. For an injector get VA


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