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Thread: Using Scripts in another Menu

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    Using Scripts in another Menu


    i would like to learn/know how to use scripts from Menu A in Menu B.

    I am honest: I am VG member and Rustler sucks if you compare him with infiSTAR, but their bypass is pretty great even if its detected atm. (I will switch to SSH as soon as you have a bypass and an infiSTAR Menu which is LEAKSECURE [i dislike MPGH for leaking everything possible and feeding Dwarden's Ass].

    Question: Does Somebdoy know how i create a new Menu button in Rustlers Menu and add a Script to it? (i wanna use infiSTARs Scripts since they work better. I.e the Loadouts and the Invisibility and infinite Ammo.

    Q2: How do i add a scroll Menu to Rustlers Menu... The Batman versions one or the infiSTARs one...

    Well thats pretty much it.

    I think i know that i have to open the script and rename the destination folders into scr/.../ not /infiSTAR_vSSH/...


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    If you look for the menu gen script in the rustlers folder.
    You may find a pattern for the buttons
    If you would like to add a scroll menu u can use mine :P

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