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Thread: Working RE?

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    Working RE?

    So i notice the infistar vSSH does not have a working RE, and i was wondering if you guys knew where to get one at? cause without a working RE the menu is useless

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    no more RE for n00bs hehe

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    What? I payed 10$ for a useless menu... seems awsome, but for real some one help me

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    That's what people get for leeching hard work
    non working menus!

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    Approve Rustler... I have a working Private RE but I don't give it to people. Only trusted friends or for sale for expensive lol XD

    Fuck leechers.
    I do GFXs, hacks, viruses to troll or fu** up people, and keyloggers. I also offer Cheap DDOS services.
    Also selling custom coded dayz hack menus with no bypass, Android RATs and such, and more. HMU if I don't offer it I know someone who does!
    For more infos, add me on skype: fewii.seller


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