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Thread: Backtrack r3 GNOME

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    Backtrack r3 GNOME

    Since this is a hacking forum, I just thought I should mention Backtack 5. This operating system is a "Penetration Testing tool" (Its like saying "for educational uses only") which is very effective and only takes a little practice. A few weeks ago I preformed a wipe on my computer, deleting everything, including my OS and my drivers (like it should). I did this because there were a shit ton of unneeded files and a few viruses. When I re-installed windows 7 than night, me being a complete dumb ass at first, thought my computer was broke because it was receiving no internet. Windows being my favorite OS, got depressed and I looked for a temporary one. I eventually found BackTrack and used that for a few weeks. I installed Skype and everything, the only problem being no steam. I dealt with it and learned some tricks from backtrack. I learned SO much and defended against a few attacks while I was at it. If you don't know already, Linux is a terrific server OS, so ddosing attacks felt more reliant and more powerful on BackTrack. It worked on an old computer at my house, you can access live videofeeds from their cameras (best Pervert move ever)! If you have a few gigs leftover on your computer dualboot to Backtrack, it is extremely useful!

    I just read my post and I realized that I sound like a fucking ad!

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    Advertising lol xD
    But agree that backtrack is a beast.

    I use metasploit usually and Backtrack is good too. Easy to understand.
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    You though your computer was broke?


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