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Thread: Keystealer Fixer V1.0

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    Keystealer Fixer V1.0

    "Through a lot of hardships I finally managed to make a program that unlocks your registry and changes your key, the program gives permissions back to you and you enter in your original CD Key which the program changes it to. Now a manual tutorial won't be needed and you can just use this program; please leave suggestions, comments, and bugs in this thread. Please keep in mind this is a very basic version, so if you want to complain about the GUI or layout please leave a comment stating why you don't like it and what you would prefer it be.

    (Notice: This only works for Windows 7 64 bit computers at the moment; also ignore the detections on the virus scans, they're detected because of my obfuscation, aka false positives.)" From [****]NormenJaydenFBI

    I didnt make thins I just thought it would be a good share for you all
    DayZ Key Stealer Fixer V1.0.rar
    Virus Scan:
    If anything happens to your computer I am in NO WAY responsible.
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    I already had this, but thanks for the link. I'm going to implement the tool in my SSH all-round exe

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    Keep the GUI SIMPLE trust me don't try to make it complicated so only you can use it just keep it simple and everyone can use it

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    This is just what I needed thanks for the release broksi

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    I thought SSH might like this release!

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    Nice release. Thanks for the share

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