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Thread: YouTube bot (great for promoting hacks)

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    YouTube bot (great for promoting hacks)

    Hey guys if any of you want to start a YouTube channel but need to get yourself some views to go up on the search list on YouTube then check this out, I used it to get me started on YouTube and now have 500 subscribers and almost 20K views.

    All you have to do is to download the program and leave it running. You can just minimize it and it will go to the tray in the bottom right of the screen.
    You pretty much get a minute view on your video for viewing someone else's video.

    You can choose what you want to do to get credits whether it be viewing / commenting / subscribing / favoriting a video (each give you 1 credit)

    Get Subscribers / comments / likes / Favorites (for free)

    What I have found is easiest is making a new email to subscribe and view other channels so your normal email doesn't get flooded.

    Website link: U2BViews is 100% free, no catch

    Also I run a YouTube series covering the info and news for the DayZ standalone if your interest go check it out, the link to my twitter and YouTube is on my website.

    If you add something to the views such as subscribers the programme will add the subscribers before it adds the views.

    If you need help or want to know anything about this then comment or PM me.
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    I'll have to see if this is true

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    I'll check it out forsure


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