City of Love: Paris tips and tricks Download
City of Love: Paris tips and tricks

Download City of Love: Paris tips and tricks

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City of Love: Paris is a game created by Ubisoft and it allows you to explore the city of Paris, but it also comes with some pretty challenging decisions that you need to make.
In fact, each decision will cost you 20 energy, so the best thing you can do is to watch videos and wait a few hours when it refills.
Replaying ¬*Different Episodes:

Plus, you can also replay episodes. This will offer you immediate access to quite a lot of great features. A good idea is to go ahead and replay the entire game from scratch as you can make new decisions. It also shows that you can unlock new things from the story.
There are many different side stories in City of Love: Paris. The side stories you access depends on the decisions you make and the relationships you favor. The key plot is exactly the same for all players, however your decisions will impact your relationships and the way in which the story unfolds!
Complete the collection of souvenirs for each one of the episodes. When you do this, you will receive a bonus and that‚€™s exactly what you want to opt for at this particular time.

Build personal relationships with the characters:

Try to create a personal relationship with each one of the characters. You can unlock souvenirs as you progress through each one of the relationships and that‚€™s exactly what you want to focus on at this point.
Some decisions will alter your relationships with the characters. These decision types also can impact the length of the story. It‚€™s possible to see your relationship with a certain character evolve in realtime: the type will seem happy or unhappy and a text will undoubtedly be shown to verify their reaction. Souvenirs may be unlocked by establishing a great relationship with characters.
Save energy:

Avoid spending energy on decisions that won‚€™t provide you with any good results. There are many decisions like this that may not be able to bring a good set of results, so you should consider giving this a shot. Remember, there‚€™s a lot of value to be had if you do this so you should give it a shot right away to get the very best outcome!
You can find no bad decisions in City of Love: Paris! Each decision simply leads to another story experience. After you have determined, it‚€™s difficult to improve your mind. However, you can replay the game in alternate saved sessions to explore different story experiences.
Gameplay video :

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City of Love: Paris tips and tricks

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City of Love: Paris tips and tricks

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City of Love: Paris tips and tricks
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Download City of Love: Paris tips and tricks